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RPC set to spotlight Rohingya refugees' lives through ‘My Environment in the Camps’

  • Set to take place in February
  • Committed to nurturing photographic talent 
Update : 22 Jan 2024, 12:19 PM

The theme for this year’s Rohingya Photography Competition (RPC) is “My Environment in the Camps.” 

This theme is set to ignite the creative talents of participants, offering a window into the lives of Rohingya refugees, reads a press release. 

The past year witnessed several achievements for the RPC. Participants and past winners had the opportunity to showcase their work at the new South Asia Gallery of Manchester Museum. 

Another highlight was the inclusion of a 2020 winner’s work in the “From Burma to Myanmar” exhibition at the British Museum. 

Additionally, RPC exhibitions reached international audiences in historic cities like Oxford, Venice, and Padua, as well as in the “refugee island” of Lampedusa, Monfalcone, and Slovenia.

RPC is committed to nurturing photographic talent as former winners received prestigious awards, including the Prince Claus Seed Award and this year’s Nansen Award. 

RPC has also engaged in advocacy for Rohingya photographers, advising on copyright infringement and fighting for rightful compensation, reads the press release. 

This year's judging panel brings diverse expertise in photography, human rights, and storytelling, promising to enrich the competition experience. 

The panel includes Adam Bemma, managing editor, Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB English); Media consultant, trainer, and advisor; Grace Choi, director, Digital Storytelling & Visuals, Human Rights Watch; Natasha Hirst, president, National Union of Journalists (UK) and Jason Mills, MSF, Regional Humanitarian Adviser.

Scheduled to take place throughout the month of February, the competition encourages entrants to submit a trio of photographs that depict their surroundings.

Shafiur Rahman, the organizer of the competition, said: “The theme allows for a broad range of interpretations, enabling Rohingya refugees to convey their unique perspectives shaped by personal experiences. 

“Each participant is required to submit three photographs depicting their environment. This may encompass various aspects of camp life, including their shelters, places of worship, markets, and various forms of labour. Additionally, it can include events within the camp such as meetings, and even occurrences like flooding, fires, and landslides. I am eagerly anticipating the diverse array of submissions we will receive.”


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