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English Fiesta: Grand celebration of language and literature at ISU

  • ‘English Fiesta is a testament to the unity and diversity that defines our academic community’
  • Students, faculty, and esteemed guests attended


Update : 26 Dec 2023, 02:55 PM

The English Language Club and the Department of English at International Standard University jointly organized an event, the English Fiesta 2023.

The event was held at the university's conference room on Sunday, said a press release issued on Tuesday.

The occasion marked a joyous celebration of language and literature, bringing together students, faculty, and esteemed guests.

The chief guest for the event was Professor Dr Abdul Awal Khan, vice chancellor of International Standard University, who graced the occasion with his presence and delivered an inspiring speech. 

Reflecting on the significance of the English Fiesta, Professor Dr Abdul Awal Khan emphasized the vital role of language in academic and cultural contexts.

Dr Mohammad Abu Nayeem, assistant professor, and chairperson of the Department of English welcomed the attendees with a heartfelt speech. 

He stated: "This English Fiesta is a testament to the unity and diversity that defines our academic community, fostering a spirit of collaboration and appreciation for linguistic excellence."

Md Shahrear Talukder, assistant professor of English and the founder coordinator of the English Language Club, expressed his gratitude to the past executive committee members and introduced the third executive committee to the audience.

The highlight of the event was the distribution of certificates and awards among the talented participants who showcased their skills in various segments of the English Fiesta 2023. 

This award ceremony was followed by a captivating cultural program organized by students from different departments, showcasing the rich cultural diversity within the university, said the press release. 

Special guests present at the event included Prof Dr Md Taher Billal Khalifa, dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; and Mohammad Faizullah Kawshik, Registrar, of International Standard University. 

Faculty members and officials of the university also attended, contributing to the success of the program.

In his vote of thanks, Abdullah Al Mamun, lecturer of English and Coordinator of the English Language Club, expressed appreciation for the continuous support from the university's authority, faculty members of the Department of English and acknowledged the relentless efforts of the students in making the English Fiesta 2023 a resounding success. He pledged a commitment to organizing more such enriching programs in the future, fostering a vibrant academic and cultural environment at International Standard University.

The English Fiesta 2023 was indeed a memorable occasion that highlighted the prowess of the university's students in the realm of language and literature, promising a bright future for academic and cultural endeavors.

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