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RAB prepares area-wise criminal lists ahead of national polls

  • Reports of illegal weapons being smuggled
  • Criminals, out on bail, are involved in internal conflicts
Update : 12 Oct 2023, 02:25 PM

In an effort to maintain law and order situation during the upcoming elections, the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), a specialized police force, is diligently compiling lists of area-based criminals.

The comprehensive effort also involves gathering information on juvenile gangs, contract killers, high-profile criminals, individuals accused of robbery or dacoity, suppliers of illegal arms, and those involved in drug-related activities.

Additionally, RAB is keeping a close watch on recently released criminals, monitoring their movements after being granted bail. 

The authorities are closely tracking who has been granted bail from which prison and where they are currently residing. Intelligence surveillance operations are also targeting the suppliers of illegal weapons to prevent criminals from acquiring arms for illicit activities. 

However, the law enforcement officials stressed that gathering and updating information about criminals is part of their routine duties.

Recently, an incident involving Mamun, a criminal from the Mohammadpur and Tejgaon areas of the capital, highlighted the risks faced by individuals released on bail. 

According to police sources, Mamun had a dispute with another top criminal, Imon, while they were in prison. 

As a result, Imon, who was still in jail, allegedly instigated an attack on Mamun by fellow criminals. However, a pedestrian was fatally shot during the attack. 

Law enforcement agencies have not yet apprehended those responsible for the murder or recovered the weapon used, but they assure that the case is under investigation.

RAB emphasized the need to prevent an unstable environment in the country resulting from the activities of the underworld, conflicts among criminal factions, and an arms race for dominance, especially in the lead-up to the elections. 

They remain committed to continuously updating information on criminals in specific areas. 

In addition to public safety, law enforcement agencies are focused on preventing theft, robbery, and safeguarding people's property. 

Illegal weapons are entering the country through neighboring borders and being employed in criminal activities. Whenever information becomes available, swift raids are conducted.

Media outlets are not provided with a clear estimate of the number of criminals engaged in illicit activities in the capital, as the security forces assert that this information is stored in their own database, which is regularly updated.

Wishing to remain anonymous, a senior officer from Dhaka Metropolitan Police said that there has been an increase in the activities of contract killers in the capital. Various types of illegal weapons are finding their way into the hands of these hired assassins through various channels. These weapons are being used in a range of criminal activities and untoward incidents.

Commander Khandaker Al Moin, director of RAB's law and media wing, said: "Recently, criminals who have been released on bail have been involved in internal conflicts. We are closely monitoring these developments. The issue of top criminals who are out on bail is also under our surveillance."

He added: "All RAB battalions have been instructed to compile lists of both small and major criminals, as well as their associates, based on their respective areas. Furthermore, the task of cataloging individuals currently incarcerated and those released for criminal activities is actively underway."

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