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Govt allocates $50m for eco-friendly block brick transition

  • Funds for training, incentives
  • Goal: Reduce air pollution
Update : 25 Sep 2023, 08:34 PM

Environment Secretary Dr Farhina Ahmed on Monday said that $50 million has been allocated under the Bangladesh Environmental Sustainability and Transformation project to support those involved in converting traditional burnt bricks to eco-friendly block bricks. 

During her speech as the chief guest at a workshop at the Department of Environment in Dhaka, the secretary mentioned that the allocation, managed by the same department, will fund activities like incentives and training for those involved in the transition to block bricks.

The workshop was organized for all the stakeholders to achieve the target of using blocks instead of burnt bricks in government construction works to reduce air pollution and preserve agricultural land.

“To ease the transition to block bricks, the government wants to extend a hand of support to entrepreneurs of all kinds,” said Dr Farhina Ahmed.

She emphasized that cooperation from the private sector is crucial for sustainable development, including the improvement of environmental quality.

The environment secretary said that if brick kilns can be controlled, the air quality will improve, and the protection of biodiversity and natural resources will be enhanced. 

“Suggestions from stakeholders on issues, including the protection of citizens, and the use of green technologies to meet national and international obligations related to reducing carbon emissions, are welcome,” Dr Farhina Ahmed remarked. 

“To reduce air pollution and preserve agricultural land, various initiatives have been taken to increase the use of block bricks instead of burnt bricks in government constructions,” she said. 

“To achieve this objective, we all need to take the initiative to increase the use of block bricks in private construction as well,” she added. 

Dr Abdul Hamid, director general of the Department of Environment, presided over the workshop.

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