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Report: Road accidents down 21.13% in August

  • Number of deaths decreased by 34.04%
  • 378 people killed in 403 accidents in August 
  • 573 deaths reported in July 
  • 146 people killed in motorcycle accidents  
Update : 09 Sep 2023, 02:45 PM

Road accidents in Bangladesh decreased by 21.13% in August compared to July, according to a new report by Road Safety Foundation (RSF) sent to the media on Saturday.

Besides, deaths from road accidents also decreased by 34.03% in August compared to the month prior.

At least 378 people died and 794 were injured in 403 road accidents throughout Bangladesh in August, the report said. 

Among the dead, 44 were women and 51 were children.

In July, the number of deaths was 573, while 1,126 were injured in 511 road accidents.

According to the latest report, 146 people were killed in 149 motorcycle accidents across the country, which is 38.62% of the total number of deaths.

Besides, some 93 pedestrians were killed, which is 24.60% of the total casualties. 

The data was compiled based on information available in nine national dailies, seven online news portals and electronic media.

RSF also reported that 17 people died in 11 waterway accidents during this period. Nine people were injured and six people were missing. 

Besides, 37 people died and 19 people were injured in 28 railway accidents.

Analysis of road accident data showed that 169 accidents occurred on highways, 148 on regional roads, 45 on rural roads, 37 on city roads and four accidents occurred at other locations.

Dhaka Division had the highest number of accidents and fatalities: 126 people were killed in 143 accidents. 

Nineteen accidents occurred in Sylhet division, with 16 fatalities – the lowest.

As a single district, Gazipur saw the highest number of 31 accidents in which 29 people were killed, the report added. 

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