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Bangladesh selected for 1st time in Millennium Fellowship program

A total of 55 fellows from Bangladesh were selected this year
Update : 30 Dec 2021, 01:36 PM

Bangladesh has been selected for the first time in the Millennium Campus Network's (MCN) Millennium Fellowship program in partnership with the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) for 2021.

A total of 25,501 undergraduate students of 2000 universities from 153 countries applied for the program, but only 6% of them (25 countries) have been selected based on the ideas that can prove to be progressive for a nation.

Bangladesh is here to make its mark for the first time with students from two public and private universities. 

As many as 17 fellows from Asian University for Women (AUW), 13 fellows from Brac University, 14 fellows from Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) and 11 fellows from Chittagong University (CU) were selected from Bangladesh.

It is a 3-month leadership development training and support program to elevate the spirit of undergraduate leaders from across the globe for the attainment of SDGs committed to strengthening their own countries. 

This program is campus-oriented and curated by campus directors who receive prior training from the MCN directly. The training sessions are usually held on campus, but due to the pandemic, most of the campuses are doing this virtually. 

Nafia Islam Faria, a Millenium fellow from BUP, said: "We're here to learn how to make everything sustainable and these global networks are crucial if you want an overall satisfactory result through your works and projects.”

MCN is a non-profit organization established in 2008. It launched the Millennium Fellowship in 2013 to deepen MCN's training and support of undergraduate leaders committed to strengthening their countries' attainment of SDGs.

But in 2018, the organization partnered the fellowship program with UNAI. 

This year, the inauguration ceremony of the Millennium Fellowship program took place on August 21. The programme will end on the 17th of November. 

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