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No age limit for hajj pilgrims this year

Flights carrying Bangladeshi pilgrims to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj will begin on May 21

Update : 20 Mar 2023, 09:25 PM

The age limit for Hajj pilgrims has been lifted by the Saudi government – paving the way for people over 65 and Children below 12 years to perform Hajj. 

The Ministry of Religious Affairs issued a notification on Monday informing about this information.

The Hajj will be held on June 27 this year subject to moon sighting.

The government signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia over Hajj, and it hopes that over 127,000 Bangladeshis will be able to perform Hajj this year.

Flights carrying Bangladeshi pilgrims to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj will begin on May 21.

The government extended the deadline for Hajj registration three times. As per the latest announcement, registration can be done till March 21.

On November 13, 2022, Bangladesh and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia signed a bilateral document on Route to Mecca which will ease the visit of Bangladeshi Hajj pilgrims to the kingdom.

Under the Route to Mecca service agreement, pilgrims would be able to complete their immigration in Dhaka prior to their departure to Saudi Arabia.

On February 1, the Ministry of Religious Affairs announced the hajj package for 2023 in a memorandum. According to the package, a person has to pay a hefty amount of Tk6.83 lakh to perform hajj this year - up from Tk5.22 lakh in 2022.

As of March 15, a total of 9,569 people have registered for hajj under government management and another 91,246 people under private management.

There are still 25,480 empty quotas for registration.

Last year, altogether 57,856 pilgrims performed Hajj because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Before the pandemic, some 2.5 million people used to travel every year to Saudi Arabia for Hajj.


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