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No unregistered mobile phones from Friday

This step is to ensure the country’s safety and security

Update : 30 Sep 2021, 09:24 PM

Starting Friday any new phone set which is unregistered or brought illegally to the country will be disconnected automatically after sending a message to the user. 

It will require a few steps to activate a phone if it is legal. However, if the phone is illegal, it’ll get a message saying "your phone is not legal. It’ll be disconnected shortly" while connecting it to any telecom network.

“However, if end users are able to show authentic legal documents, they will be given a chance to register the phones,” said Subrata Roy Maitra, vice chairman of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). 

But a timeline for registration is yet to be fixed, said Subrata Roy.

A customer is asked to check whether the phone is registered or not by inserting the sim card while buying. An alternative way of finding out the phone’s status of legality is by writing “KYDthe 15-digit IMEI number” and sending the SMS to 16002. 

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Before starting the National Equipment Identity Register (NEIR), BTRC’s first goal was to inform the people about it.

If anyone buys an unregistered or illegal phone without knowing he can claim the money back or exchange the phone from the seller. 

“The buyer has the right to ask or check whether the set is registered or not. If it is found that the phone set is illegal after purchase, the buyer can take legal action or complain to the BTRC. And BTRC will take appropriate action,” said Subrata Roy Maitra. 

According to the rules, if anyone brings a phone from abroad, it can be registered and activated. A maximum of six mobile phones can be brought from abroad for personal use. 

However, each passenger can bring eight mobile phones without any BTRC no-objection letter against each boarding pass or related travel document. A maximum of two of these handsets can be brought free of charge. The rest will be subject to customs related fees.

If the set is brought from abroad, the phone can be registered by attaching passport, visa copy, product purchase receipt on the following website - www.neir.btrc.gov.bd. If anyone receives it as a gift, he must also have a certificate.

It was previously mentioned by BTRC Director General Brig Gen Md Shahidul Alam that the campaign would begin from the first week of June all over Bangladesh.

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The three-month trial phase of the NEIR system started on July 1 and ended on Thursday. 

It was said that all the phones with active SIM cards of mobile operator networks till June 30 would be registered automatically in the NEIR system. Meanwhile, illegal phones activated from July 1 would be operable for three months to get registered. 

One of the core reasons for the NEIR registration program is the safety and security of the state because it becomes difficult for the law enforcing agencies to track criminal activities carried out through unauthorized or illegal phones. 

It will help prevent cloning and theft and boost revenue collection.

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