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First ever 3D animation cartoon series in Bangla

Update : 19 Apr 2018, 11:43 PM
The first three-dimensional (3D) animation series in Bangla has been launched through a trailer on Youtube - but the studio behind the project says more funds are needed if the whole series is to make the silver screen. Based on a children’s adventure story, “Chacha Bahinir Ajob Kahini” will be the first attempt by Maverick Studios to introduce children’s classics, including Bangla fairytales, to a new generation. “Our new attempt is to fill the lack of good Bangla content in the animation world,” the studio said on its Facebook page. The creative producer of the project is Wahid Ibn Reza, a Bangladeshi filmmaker working with Sony Pictures Imageworks in Vancouver. “I have long been trying to create some content in Bangla for our future generation,” he said. “Especially after coming abroad, many Bangladeshi parents were desperate to teach their children Bangla.” On its project webpage, the studio said the 3D animated series will “help children develop critical thinking, empathy and an appreciation for the rich heritage of Bengali culture.” [embed][/embed] “Buckle up! Chacha is ready to take your kids to a fascinating world of Bangla folklore, mythical creatures and breathtaking adventures,” the studio said. “Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime-on the wings of Chacha’s fascinating stories, as Jhumjhumi and Babu travel to a fantastic world of exotic creatures, magical realms and exhilarating conquests.” Reza, however, said the “realms” and “conquests” might only be fully realised with the Bangladeshi public’s help. “The cost of animation production is prohibitive,” he said. “It is not possible for us to finish the production financially as a studio alone (so) we decided we would do crowdfunding.” He urged everyone to come forward to share the expenses of the first three episodes of the series, which will each be 10 minutes long. “Be part of a historic project, play your part in bringing this series to life,” the makers of the animation said. Details of the project, for those who wish to contribute to it, can be seen here.
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