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Does more time in office equal better results?

  • Desk workers report a 'goldilocks zone of four hours a day, a study reveals
  • Most workers admitted to rarely or never taking breaks
Update : 07 Dec 2023, 08:32 PM

Working longer hours than a fixed schedule has become an unwritten rule in many offices nowadays.

This situation is going on in various corporate offices, including Bangladesh, to get more work done by employees or to finish the work within the deadline.

But the question emerges, is it better to stay in the office and work for a longer time?

And to find the answer to this question, a recent study was conducted by the US messaging app Slack’s Workplace Lab. 

The survey queried some 10,000 desk-based employees and found that those who log off at the end of the workday are 20% more productive, reports Forbes, a US-based magazine.

On the flip side, those who feel the need to work after hours experience twice the stress and burnout compared to those who disconnect.

The survey also found that desk workers reported a “goldilocks zone” of four hours a day as an ideal amount of time for focused work. 

Apart from that, more than two hours of meetings is the point at which the workers feel overburdened. 

Surprisingly, half of the desk workers who were surveyed admitted to rarely or never taking breaks during the workday.

Christina Janzer, senior vice president of research and analytics and the head of Slack’s Workforce Lab said: “The conventional wisdom for productivity has always been if you want to produce more, just work more. This is our opportunity to myth-bust. More hours don’t necessarily mean better productivity.”

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