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US woman swallows Apple AirPod, mistaking it for vitamin

  • She admits the incident on TikTok
  • Similar event reported in 2021
Update : 16 Sep 2023, 01:34 PM

A woman in the United States has reportedly swallowed one of her Apple Airpods, thinking it was one of her vitamin supplements. 

Tanna Barker, after admitting the incident on a TikTok video, went viral, reports Gulf News.

She detailed a situation in the video in which she was walking with a friend and having a chat. 

While engaged in the conversation, she took out one of her Airpods to better hear what her friend was saying. Simultaneously, she reached for her vitamin medication and decided to take one. 

However, Barker accidentally ingested the AirPod from her hand, mistaking it for her medicine. 

Barker appears to be in good humour despite the situation. She mentioned that she promptly consulted with both medical professionals and friends, all of whom recommended allowing the AirPod to pass through her system naturally.

In a similar instance in 2021, another woman in the US mistakenly ingested an AirPod for a vitamin.

She was surprised to learn that the AirPod still worked, as it recorded a voice note and collected noises from her tummy.

In a related incident from last year, a British celebrity took her AirPod alongside her vitamins. Rather than letting it pass normally, she opted to induce vomiting and successfully collected the AirPod.

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