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Project Nightfall opens page for Bangladeshi audience

Agon says the new page in Bangla will help the local audience to understand the content better

Update : 10 Jun 2022, 08:02 PM

Popular content creator Agon from “Project Nightfall” on Friday shared a Facebook status in Bangla to announce its new page for the people in Bangladesh.

He wrote: “After making videos highlighting the positive aspects of Bangladesh, I noticed that we have not yet reached out to many in your country ... for one thing, you are not accustomed to English.

“The more people we can reach with our videos, the better. So we have created a new page ‘Project Nightfall Bangla’ where you can watch all our videos in your language. So that everyone can understand it.”

Earlier, the content creator made videos about several topics of Bangladesh. It usually makes videos based on spreading awareness about sensitive and important topics around the world.

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