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'Abbu, millions will remember you'

Update : 01 Dec 2017, 10:45 PM
Recently deceased DNCC mayor Annisul Huq had wished to be remembered when he was no longer mayor, said his son Navidul Huq. "He had always said that he wanted to be remembered when he was no longer the mayor. Abbu, millions will remember you while you look down upon us from heaven," Annisul 's son wrote in a Facebook post. Navidul said he does not have too many memories with his father from his childhood, as Annisul was always busy trying to build a business and future for his family, while simultaneously being an active member of civil society and a patriot.
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"As I grew older our bond became much stronger. He was my mentor, my partner, my boss and my guiding light," Navidul said. Over the last few years, he said the two shared their best times together. "I stood by him as he became the DNCC mayor. I was his close confidant, with whom he shared all his actions, his plans and his dreams.""All I can tell you is that he instilled in us the best values. Living life with the grace and integrity he did would be enough of an achievement," Navidul added. “For those who were lucky enough to spend some time with him, his booming voice, his laughter, his eloquence, and his poetry will stay with them forever,” he said.
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"I miss you so much every single day. I am so lucky to have had a legend like you as my father." "Many of you have reached out to me. I was in tears after reading all the Facebook posts dedicated to my father. I would like to thank you all for the love, respect and prayers you all have offered to my father," Navidul wrote while sharing a photo with his father. Annisul's namaj-e-janaza was held after the Jumma prayers at London Central Mosque in Regent's Park on Friday, with a second to be held at the Army Stadium in Dhaka after Asr prayers on Saturday.
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