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M J Akbar joins BJP

Update : 22 Mar 2014, 07:59 PM

Author and senior journalist M J Akbar yesterday joined the BJP saying that Modi’s leadership was essential for India.

Akbar, who was a Congress MP from Kishanganj in Bihar between 1989 and 1991, switched over to the BJP bandwagon ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, reports The Times of India.

“I have come back to politics because of policy. The crisis in front of the country is known to all. This is an opportunity to do whatever little we can do for our country,” he said after joining the party.

“It is our duty to join hands with the voice of the nation and bring the country back to a recovery mission. I look forward to working in BJP,” he told reporters.

Akbar, who was close to then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, acknowledged that the latter was a friend and 20 years have passed since that.

Backing Modi, Akbar said that no other leader has gone through so much scrutiny as has Modi.

“It is not only that there is crisis. But now I also see a solution to the crisis. Narendra Modi’s leadership is essential for the country,” he said.

“In ten years, no other politicians has gone through so much scrutiny as Modi has gone through. He was scrutinised by police, central government, CBI, court-appointed institution,” he said.

He also hoped that Muslims will join hands with BJP as they are equal citizens of the nation and will come out of the “politics of fear”.

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