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Watch: Yet another Rohingya village in Maungdaw set on fire

Update : 13 Sep 2017, 11:12 PM
The Myanmar army allegedly set yet another Rohingya village on fire on Wednesday. The blazing inferno at Dorabil area of northern Maungdawwas seen from across the border. Rohingya refugees, who are staying in Teknaf after escaping the ongoing violence said, the village wasset on fire around 6pm on Wednesday. Two Rohingya men, Md Zohar and Abdul Motaleb barely escaped with their lives, after their village was burned down. The survivors recounted their experience: “We left everything behind and ran for our lives. The Purba Para has been burned to the ground, and the Pashchim Para was burning at the time of our escape.” The Myanmar Army used loudspeakers on last Tuesday, warning Rohingya villagers for the final time to leave the area. Later, the army, according to witnesses, set several small villages on fire. The Dorabil village, located near the Bangladesh-Myanmar border, was set on fire on Wednesday evening, forcing its Rohingya residents to cross over to Bangladesh illegally. Blazing fire was also seen near the banks of Naf River on last Tuesday. The Rohigyas initially gathered in the Shahporir Dwip, and later brought to Teknaf by boats. The border security forces and law enforcers of Myanmar did not bar the fishing boats carrying Rohingyas from crossing into Bangladesh. There are allegations of Bangladesh Coast Guard destroying 6-7 fishing trawlers since last Sunday, for illegally bringing in Rohingya refugees into Bangladesh. But, the fishing boats continue to ferry Rohingyas into the country, despite the complaints. Hundreds of Rohingyas are arriving in Bangladesh through the Naf River at daytime and throughout the night. Members of the Border Guard Bangladesh were seen patrolling the banks of Naf River, but they did not bar Rohingya refugees from entering the country. Myanmar claims, a so called rebel group attacked police check-posts in the Rakhine state of Myanmar on August 24, leading to the death of 12 policemen. The Myanmar Army retaliated with a disproportionate show of force against the Rohingya community. Thousands of refugees, who fled to Bangladesh since August 25, described widespread human rights violations committed by Myanmar security forces, including mass murder, rape and arson. According to the United Nations, around 300,000 refugees have entered Bangladesh since the army crackdown, but the the number could be much higher.This article was first published on the Bangla Tribune
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