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UNGA approves Palestinian membership bid

  • UNGA has voted to grant new 'rights and privileges' to Palestine
  • Also requested the Security Council approve membership
  • The US is expected to veto the measure in the Security Council
Update : 10 May 2024, 10:26 PM

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Friday approved a resolution that would grant new “rights and privileges” to Palestine by a vote of 143 to 9 with 25 abstentions. The vote also recognizes Palestine’s right to become the 194th member of the body.

This second part means that a Palestinian membership bid will be forwarded to the UN Security Council to “reconsider the matter favorably.” A Palestinian bid submitted to the Security Council last month was vetoed by the United States despite widespread support in the General Assembly. The US is expected to repeat its veto.

US Deputy UN Ambassador Robert Wood confirmed this position, saying the Biden administration opposes the current resolution.

Should Palestine become a full member it would effectively acknowledge Palestinian statehood, something that Israel, a close US ally, has fought to keep from happening.

Palestine has been a non-voting observer to the UN since 2012.

In the past, some nations have taken issue with the Palestinian bid, pointing to the requirement that prospective members must be “peace-loving nations.”

The situation in the Palestinian Territories, and specifically Gaza, where more than 34,904 people have been killed since Israel launched its retaliatory military operation in response to an October 7, 2023, to a resistance campaign by Hamas, has repeatedly enraged members of the General Assembly who have called for a cease-fire in the enclave.

Hamas has run Gaza since 2007. The Israel-occupied West Bank is partially administered by the Palestinian Authority, a Hamas rival.

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