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Ukraine: 10 biggest providers of military aid

  • Ukraine’s main supporters are providing billions in arms and ammunition
  • US has pledged the most in military assistance, followed by Germany
Update : 24 Apr 2024, 03:15 PM

More than two years after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the Ukrainian army is still under attack by the Russian infantry, artillery and air force, particularly on the eastern and southern fronts.

Ukraine would not be able to manage without military aid from other countries and makes frequent appeals to its allies for more ammunition and air defense systems.

Which countries are supporting Ukraine the most?

The Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IFW) lists and quantifies humanitarian, financial and military aid, which includes arms, ammunition, and equipment, that have been pledged and allocated to Ukraine, providing regular reports.

United States

The United States has pledged and provided the most military assistance to Ukraine for its fight against Russia. According to the IFW, US President Joe Biden’s administration has pledged the equivalent of more than €42 billion in military aid to Ukraine since February 2022.

But now, funds approved by the US Congress are depleted and Republicans have been blocking a new aid package to Ukraine, worth the equivalent of €55 billion, for months. A new vote is expected shortly.  


With €17.7 billion to date, Germany comes next in terms of military aid to Ukraine. Just last weekend, the German government promised to deliver a third Patriot missile system to strengthen the country’s air defense. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who has in the past criticized German delays in delivering aid, expressly thanked the German government.

United Kingdom

The UK recently announced additional military aid worth the equivalent of €2.9 billion, bringing its total military commitments to €9.1 billion. According to the IFW, the equivalent of €4.8 billion has already been provided.


Measured in relation to its gross domestic product (GDP), Denmark is one of the largest donors of military aid. The small country has increased its pledges by €3.5 billion since November 2023. Of the €8.4 billion in military aid it has already committed, at least €4.5 billion has been allocated.

European Union

On top of bilateral support from individual member states, the EU also has its own off-budget financing instrument for providing military aid to Ukraine: the European Peace Facility (EFF).

Weapons, ammunition, and equipment worth €5.6 billion have long been pledged. In mid-March, following months of debate, EU member states agreed to provide at least €5 billion more.

The Netherlands

The military aid pledged to Ukraine by the Netherlands amounts to €4.44 billion. At the beginning of March, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Ukrainian President Zelenskyy signed a security agreement that also sets aside €2 billion in military aid for 2024.


Similar to Denmark, Norway has also pledged a considerable amount of aid to Ukraine when measured in relation to its GDP. It is pursuing a multi-year strategy as part of the Nansen Support Program for Ukraine, which includes both humanitarian and military aid. Europe’s northernmost country has pledged a total of €3.8 billion in the latter, €1 billion of which has already been allocated.


Poland, which shares borders with both Russia and Ukraine, is a close ally of Kyiv, to which it has pledged around €3 billion in military aid. The country has also become an important logistical hub for transferring Western military aid to Ukraine.


Canada also has a security agreement with Ukraine and has pledged to provide more than €2 billion in military aid by the end of this year. The two countries signed the agreement this year, on the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.


Sweden has also pledged over €2 billion worth of military aid to Ukraine. While this was initially mainly protective equipment, it now includes tanks and modern weapon systems.

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