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Black marketing in Fatullah

Update : 14 Mar 2014, 05:57 PM

Even before the start of the T20 World Championship the black marketing of tickets already started to rise in the warm up matches in Fatullah where Bangladesh was facing Ireland yesterday and a huge number of people who did not get the tickets from the booth created chaos outside the stadium.

The security persons had to push back the excited fans when they tried to get into the stadium without tickets and for that reason the spectators who had tickets also faced difficulties to get into the stadium.

The matter was so intense that the ICC’s security coordinator of Bangladesh went to watch the situation and gave instructions to them and looked unhappy with the security procedure at the stadium gates.

Meanwhile, one fan who managed to get a ticket from the black market said they had to pay Tk150, although the original price of the ticket was Tk25.

Habibur Rahman, a college student who bought two tickets from the black market, informed that he had to buy tickets paying more than it cost only because he wanted to watch the tigers in action. “I bought two tickets and paid 300 taka each, costs 150 from a guy who was selling the tickets outside the stadium. I am happy enough to get the tickets though the price is high only because there were no tickets available in the ticket booth,” he said.

“Book my show” an Indian company are the official ticket selling partner and one of the members of the company informed that each person can buy four tickets officially but if anyone sells those tickets outside, the could not stop that.

With the tournament almost started, BCB must take care of such incidents to avoid such chaos and the security outside the stadium should be more active to stop the black marketing of tickets.

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