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Akram Khan looks to champion Chittagong

Update : 30 Aug 2013, 05:52 PM

National cricket selector Akram Khan has a dream of bringing Chittagong’s glory days in the sport back and has thus decided to run in the upcoming Bangladesh Cricket Board election. The port city was once known for producing quality cricketers on a regular basis, but since opener Tamim Iqbal came onto the scene, there has been a noticeable lack of players coming out of the area.

“There was a time when there were many star cricketers coming up from Chittagong but nowadays you hardly have anyone. I don’t remember any star cricketer after Tamim to come out of the region. I want to work on the grass roots and generate cricketers like it used to before,” the former national skipper told the Dhaka Tribune yesterday.

“I have always said that I would run in the BCB election if I get the chance. I look forward to becoming a board member because I want to serve cricket in Chittagong. I still remember the promise that I made to people about doing something for my division’s cricket and I look forward to keeping that,” he added.

Certain quarters have put forward the opinion that Akram was a good national team captain because he understood the game well, but his decision to seek a place on the board was dubious. However, Akram, remained steadfast in running in the polls.

“As a national selector, everyone knows that I have limitations and that I can’t serve my mission. But as a director of the board, I will be able to work for the cricket of Chittagong and also for the country. There are a good number of people from Chittagong who want me to represent them in the BCB, so I am trying to fulfill that. The date for the election hasn’t been confirmed yet, but yes I am looking forward to running.

“There is no chance of me not participating in the poll. I had to sacrifice a lot to come to the position that I am in today and to become a director, I will have to sacrifice my post as a selector. You know that it is a very important post and one that is financially beneficial, but I have decided to quit it and become a director - which is another big sacrifice. I took the decision for the good of cricket in Chittagong and Bangladesh,” said the current chief of the national selection panel.

Recently, Akram was criticised for joining the “View Exchanging Program” of BCB ad-hoc president and contender for the BCB presidency post Nazmul Hasan. In the program, Nazmul invited divisional sports organisers to discuss the upcoming election. Akram was condemned for his participation since he was still the chief selector.

“I have always believed that one cannot have everything happen perfectly, so I am not too worried about the criticism. There are always ups and downs on a journey. I am doing what I have decided. The meeting took place at the Mirpur stadium, which is also my office and I joined the meeting because I have a course set for the election and I will be running for his (Nazmul Hasan’s) panel. But I didn’t give any speeches at the meeting. I just sat there and listened,” explained Akram.

Akram had earlier stated that would resign as chief selector after the Eid vacation, but has changed his plan and is holding onto the position until he gains the nomination for a councilor position.

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