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Mallick counters Forum

Update : 18 Aug 2013, 08:39 PM

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) ad-hoc-committee member and a close associate of BCB president Nazmul Hasan said that the Nazmul does not need the support of the District and Divisional Sports Organisers Forum, popularly known as “The Forum” yesterday. 

Mallick along with another member of the BCB ad-hoc, Lokman Hossain Bhuiyan clarified their stance and thoughts on the matterto the media at Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium yesterday.

“We don’t have any relation with the forum, to be honest as this is BCB’s election. We learnt that they (forum) will support anyone and everyone but Nazmul bhai. I don’t think forum’s support is necessary for Nazmul bhai to become the Board president. We had about 40 clubs who had a meeting and then demanded Nazmul bhai as the Board president to the prime minister and minister of youth and sports. So the forum is not involved in making Nazmul bhai the Board president.

“Another thing which we want to calrify all is we have contacts with all the divisional sports organisers. There are about 35 to 40 divisional secretaries who have shown support for Nazmul bhai and soon they will come into the picture. The BCB president might have a program on August 22 or 23 where everyone will see who are supporting him. He never wanted the support from the forum and he will never need it,” Mallick explained.

Forum’s president Yousuf Jamal Babu in a press conference the other day stated the current BCB president was too inexperienced to hold office. He added that Nazmul had turned the cricket board into a Bangladesh Club Board and the members of the committee were serving their own interests.

“I don’t understand why he (Yousuf Jamal) made that comment. Nazmul bhai has been involved with club cricket for more than 20 years and the chairman of Abahani Club for eight years. I don’t know if he knows Nazmul bhai’s background. I will request him and others not to make irresponsible comment and if needed we the clubs will protest against it,” Mallick told the media.

It was also said by Yousuf Jamal that the members of the ad-hoc are serving their personal purpose and had mentioned that the development work at different venues around the country for the ICC World Twenty20 was given to the members of the committee for financial profit.

“After taking charge of the ad-hoc committee, we found that development is taking place at Fatullah and BKSP. And it was in the first ad-hoc board meeting that we learnt that the previous board had allowed direct purchase of the tenders. So it was not us that started this.

“Later, the work for Cox’s Bazar was given through an open tender. If needed, the Board will show the documents. Nasir bhai (AZM Nasiruddin, member of the ad-hoc) has been given charge to look after the project - this doesn’t mean that he has been given the work,” clarified Mallick.

Mallick also protested the comment made on buying out the councilors. Mallick accused Yusuf Jamal to be a part of the policy of buying and selling votes for the elections and claimed that the strategy had been a great source of income for Yusuf, including a mansion worth Tk500,000,000.

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