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Dhaka Tribune

Saber up for BCB hotseat

Update : 14 Aug 2013, 08:09 PM

The former president of Bangladesh Cricket Board and a ruling party lawmaker Saber Hossain Chowdhury reiterated his aspiration of running for president in the upcoming election of the Bangladesh Cricket Board yesterday.

In a press conference held at his residence, Saber categorically stated he has decided to contest the upcoming election on a platform of fighting irregularities in the BCB, upholding the spirit of democracy, saving cricket from further downfall and overall, keeping the integrity of the cricketing fraternity.

“I have heard that a quarter using the governmental logistics is trying to influence the election procedure. I have talked with the Prime Minister and she has categorically expressed that she and her government believes in democracy.  She wanted a level playing field for the election of BCB. If there is any such case of immoral influence, I will move anywhere required to resist it,” said Saber.

Saber claimed that a certain quarter is trying to hold the BCB election within a pre-planned framework. “It is not desirable, BCB has now became more club oriented, BCB should involve all the country within it. I want to fight the framework and I hope all the well-wishers of Bangladesh cricket, who love the game, will come forward to support me in the elections. Cricket is a national asset and we can’t let it down for the vested interest of a few people,” said Saber.

Saber threw an open challenge to the current BCB president Najmul Hasan Papon to point out the anomalies of the amendment process of the constitution of BCB. “I will point out what had went wrong and I invite the BC B president to a debate about the wrongs of the amendment of the constitution. I will fight in the election and my panel will a unanimous panel - I will bring all the well-wishers of the cricket under one umbrella,” declared Saber.

Commenting over the Acsu report Saber was straightforward. “Only players should not be made the scapegoats, everybody involved in the process should be rooted out, the whole BPL process should be probed, who made it a commercial aspect, which board officials were involved passively with it also should be known, who has returned the 500M guarantee money of Game On to incur a loss of BCB should be scrutinized,” said Saber.


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