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The Board is our guardian: Tamim

Update : 31 May 2013, 06:12 PM
Tamim Iqbal, Bangladesh’s dashing opening batsmen, is on the verge of giving up his bachelorhood. He follows Shakib Al Hasan, who entered the ranks of the happily married two months ago, but unlike the all-rounder, Tamim plans to make his wedding an affair to remember. Despite the upcoming personal triumph, Tamim’s mind is not fully clear of the current chaos in Bangladesh cricket, with payment issues and match-fixing claims dominating the scene. The left-handed batsman sat down and shared some of his thoughts with Minhaz Uddin Khan of the Dhaka Tribune.   Q. Are you excited or nervous about starting a news innings in life? Tamim: The feeling is normal, to be honest. I have been in a relationship with my fiancé for more than eight years. The road was never easy but thanks to the Almighty, we are going to be able to get married.    Q. Eight years of love, are you amazed? Tamim: I should say I am proud. There were points when we thought the relationship might end, but we kept our belief and faith intact.    Q. Finished with shopping? How was the experience? Tamim: The experience was really expensive (laughs). One can never know how stressful it is, without getting married. You have to keep so many things in mind while shopping. The shopping was mainly done from India and partly from Dubai. Apart from me and my fiancé, we had to make sure that we shopped for all the important members of the family.   Q. What are the plans for marriage? Tamim: My aim is to have a successful event. In total there will be four functions – mezban, the mehndi, wedding and then the reception. The first three will be held in Chittagong. Many from Dhaka will not be able to go to my home town to attend the weeding so we have decided to hold the reception in Dhaka.   Q. The most exciting part of the marriage should be? Tamim: I think it will be mehndi. We have confirmed renowned singers from Bollywood and will have an exclusive concert. I don’t want to disclose the name right away, let it be a secret, but be informed, that it will be massive.   Q. The marriage will affect your female fan base? Tamim: (Laughs) I was always honest with them. I have always told everyone that I am engaged, be it in person or in the media. They have always seen me as a cricketer I hope they will be same even after I get married. I want to make a request to them through Dhaka Tribune – please pray for us.   Q. The Bangladesh cricket is going through not so good times at the moment and the reason behind it so far has been the Bangladesh Premier League. There have been many payment-related issues and fixing allegations in the tournament in the past few days and it is mainly the players who are facing the trouble. What’s your take? Tamim: It is mainly the father or the guardian of the family who takes care of any chaos in the family. For us (cricketers), the Board is the guardian. Yes it is sad to see so many negatives – be it the payment or fixing, but the only one who can make things go right is the Board. I hope they will act accordingly and take things under control before the case worsens.     Q9. Apart from payment are there any other problems with the tournament? Tamim: I think BPL is a very good tournament for the cricket of Bangladesh. Cricket gave Bangladesh an identity in the world and BPL is also a part it. The tournament saw many international cricketers coming in, which eventually has helped our cricketers develop. The quality of the competition is high and in fact, I believe it is most favorite T20 tournament in the world after IPL (Indian Premier League). Taking care of these few issues will make the tournament grow big.
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