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Stalker alert

Update : 13 Nov 2016, 06:58 PM

Celebrities are familiar with uncomfortable episodes and run ins with obsessive stalkers. Taylor Swift is yet another name on the list, enduring some serious stalker drama right now. The popstar and her family members have been apparently hounded by the alleged stalker named Frank Andrew Hoover, 39, over the past few months but things escalated quickly when Taylor had a run in with the stalker on October 22, while performing at Formula 1 race.

Latest reports by TMZ suggest that Frank was taken in by the police on November 10. “Not only has her stalker been bugging her, he has been bugging her family and that is what is very scary,” a close source told HollywoodLife.com.

“She trusts her security and her security protocol but to know that he still got close to her has her a bit rattled. It is not a fun thing to know that someone wants to harm you and the ones you love, it is heart-wrenching and scary,” the source added.

It turns out that Taylor is having a hard time dealing with the scary encounter. “She tries to not pay attention to it but she is very aware of it and when she starts thinking about it she gets scared,” said the insider. “But she makes sure to not focus on it all the time because she doesn’t want it to consume her.”

The police informed TMZ, “He’d been hounding Taylor and her family for months leading up to her October 22 concert at Formula 1 race. “The night of the show, he [followed] her motorcade from the track to the airport where a private jet was waiting for Taylor and her parents.”

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