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Films coming out this Eid

Update : 22 Jul 2017, 10:20 PM
With one and a half months remaining till the next Eid, hall owners, producers along with the actors are super busy with their Eid releases. Rangbaaz, Ohongkar, Mone Rekho, Ontor Jala, Pashan are on the list of the films expected to come out this Eid. Posters of some of these ‘expected-to-be-released’ films have already been unveiled. However, complications are arising regarding two of the films, the Indo-Bangla joint venture film, Noor Jahan and the domestic Pashan. In case of Noor Jahan, the recent stance of the information ministry has left the future of the film in uncertainty, as the ministry is working on creating a new policy for cross border collaboration films, in light of the recent rapid production of films through Bangladesh-India joint ventures, and postponed activities related to joint production films until the new policy is made into law. This means that there is no chance of Noor Jahan getting released until a new preview committee is formed before Eid, which is highly unlikely to happen. Pashan, on the other hand, is likely to hit roadblocks with the “Cholochitro Pradarashak Samiti” and that’s because of one of the cast of the film, Misha Sowdagar, ran into trouble with hall owners after he had heated exchanges with them on the matter of joint-production films. Consequently, the hall owners union took a bold step against Sowdagar by banning the screening of all films in which the actor will appear, making the release of Pashan quite uncertain. Both Pashan and Noor Jahan are Jaaz Multimedia productions. “I am looking forward to releasing both the films this Eid. There’s still time and the preview committee could be formed any time before Eid,” Aziz said about the release of Noor Jahan. About Pashan, on the other hand, Jaaz Multimedia said, “I’ll be able to release the film only if Misha breaks the ice with the owners union before Eid. Otherwise, it is impossible to release the film.” The release of Rangbaaz and Ohongkar has been confirmed by the directors of the films. They have already started to book halls nationwide for their films. “We’ve already confirmed 83 halls. We are looking forward to a number of 150 halls to release our film,” said Sahadat Hossain, the director of Ohongkar. The much talked about, Rangbaaz, which was scheduled to be released during the previous Eid, got caught up in a wrangle with the Parichalak Samiti and was stalled. But the film is finally coming out this Eid, confirmed producer Mozammel Haque. According to the producer, nearly 80 halls are already booked for the film and the number may rise up to 150. Both Rangbaaz and Ohongkar feature the buzz making duo Shakib Khan and Bubly. Bubly, who made her debut on the silver screen with two films during the Eid-ul-Adha last year, is coming out after a hiatus and that too in two of Shakib Khan films. “Rangbaaz was supposed to come out last Eid. But for some reason it didn’t happen and that’s why it going to come out this Eid. However, even if the films weren’t originally meant to come to the theatres at the same time, their simultaneous release is actually going to be a good thing for me,” said Bubly. Dhaka’s Mahi and Kolkata’s Bonny starrer Mone Rekho will also be released this Eid, confirmed Wazed Ali, the director of the film. “We are working with a view to release the film this Eid. We’ve already sent the posters to the distributor office,” he said. Although, Porimoni and Jayed Khan starrer Ontor Jala is speculated to be released this Eid, director Malek Afsari refused to confirm the release as of yet.


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