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Celebrities mourn Abdul Kader

Suborna Mustafa, and Hanif Sanket, were among celebrities who shared anecdotes remembering the late actor

Update : 26 Dec 2020, 09:32 PM

Following the death of cherished actor Abdul Kader on Saturday morning, celebrities took to social media to express their grief. Among them were his close collaborators, Suborna Mustafa and Hanif Sanket. 

Actor Suborna Mustafa, who played Muna in Kothao Keu Nei, wrote: "1986, Faridee and I were going to India. The flight was next day. There was a knock on the door, Kader bhai was there with an instant camera in his hand."

She recalled how the late actor told them to take photos of the places they would visit there.

"That was Kader bhai," she continued. "Needless to say we didn't have a camera then... how Kader bhai came to know about it I have no idea till date.... one of the fondest memories ever.. Rest in peace Kader bhai. We all love you."

Hanif Sanket, creator of popular magazine show, Ityadi, wrote: "Another regular at Ityadi, everyone's favourite actor Abdul Kader passed away. He played Mama in the Mama-Bhagne segment for 25 years. He loved playing the character, just as the audiences loved watching him. He led a very disciplined life. We could never have guessed he was harbouring such a fatal disease."

He described Abdul Kader's final appearance on Ityadi, which aired on October 30. 

"He looked pale and sick when we shot the episode. He wasn't his usual jolly self. He said he wasn't well and asked us to pray for him."

Abdul Kader became a household name for his iconic character Bodi in Humayun Ahmed's serial "Kothao Keu Nei." He had a regular spot, Mama-Bhagne, on Hanif Sanket's "Ityadi."

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