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200 Rappers in one album

Update : 27 May 2017, 09:19 PM
Hip hop in Bangladesh is still relatively young, and is growing faster than ever. Local listeners are starting to warm up to it. It has recently made its way into the local mainstream culture, with the collaborations of young rappers with iconic singers. To the delight of the growing hip-hop fan base in Bangladesh, Murtaza Mahmood is releasing a hip-hop album with the contribution of 200 rappers from around the country. Titled “Deshi Hiphop Volume 2”, the work of the album is already in progress. “Our hip-hop industry has a lot of potential. If you look at the global picture, you’ll see the trending use of rap in almost all of the hit songs of big industries like Hollywood and Bollywood,” Mahmood said. “Most of the prominent hip-hop artists are working in TV commercials and other aspects of the entertainment industry. They are releasing solo albums in a commercial way because the big corporate houses are funding them. But when we look at the local industry, we see a lot of talented artists limiting their potential to Facebook or YouTube. They have all the qualities of a good rapper but the monetary deficit is narrowing their audience to just friends. This is why I took the initiative to gather rap artists from almost every corner of the country and comprised the album with the tracks of 200 rappers,” Mahmood added on his venture. Last year on November 25, Murtaza Mahmood launched the biggest hip-hop album in the country’s history, titled “Deshi Hip Hop Volume 1” in which one hundred rappers collaborated, featuring artists from China, USA, India, France, Nigeria, and Zambia. Murtaza Mahmood Upal, who uses the stage name Lucifer, sponsored both of the projects. GP MUSIC, ROBI YOUNDER, Surjorajjo, and Gaan have worked as local digital partners of the album. The album will also be available on i-Tunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and Saavn.
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