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Shakir Bin Alam: We have become so self-centered due to urbanization

Singer, composer, and songwriter Kh Shakir Bin Alam took a break from his music career, but he continued to be active in the industry for quite some time now. Recently, in a conversation with Showtime’s Nazia Adnin, he talks about how he broke the barrier, future plans, and many more issues

Update : 29 Jun 2019, 08:32 PM

Shakir Bin Alam bought his first guitar in 2002 after appearing for his SSC exams. After a few years he formed a band. Prior to that, he used to perform with a few other underground bands. In 2009, he quit music for various reasons.

Talking about the break in his music career Shakir told us: “At that time I needed a proper career, and unfortunately I couldn’t think of developing a career in music.

“May be I wasn’t brave enough back then.

“Since I am an architect, I got busy with job, and my own architecture firm. Thus, until 2015 I was completely away from music.

Typically a self-taught musician, Shakir never had any professional training in music.

“Although around 2002/03 I had some lessons from Ershad bhai (Artcell).

Shakir had some piano lessons from Romel Al last year.

Lyrical style

Shakir always has been an avid listener, and he spent the break in his musical career by listening to music. He is also a good lyricist, and poet. Most of his songs are self written. 

Walking down memory lane, he said: “After 2015 I realized that I needed to escape from my professional life, and wanted to come back to music.

“Getting back to music after a 6 year break was like starting everything from scratch. And ideas for lyrics began to generate in my mind.

“Life experiences changed my perspectives which are reflected in the lyrics. You know, over the time, you understand the complexity of social norms, and relationships.

 “I began to practice the basic guitar chords at home based on the lyrics.

“Around 2016 I recorded a demo at my friend Rakib’s studio. My friend Tinu (Karnival) helped me a lot as well.

Shakir mostly uses guitar, bass, and keyboard for his music.

First single Aaborton and upcoming album

Shakir’s first single, Aaborton was released towards the end of 2017. The song was released through ME Label on various digital platforms, including a music video on YouTube.

“So far I have released five singles which are part of an 8-track album, called Jontrodash.

“Hopefully the album will be out by the end of this year under ME Label.

Shakir explained the theme of the album. The album will contain songs that represent the disconnection among people in the urban life.

“We have become very self-centered which really bother me, and the songs in this album will symbolize the urbanization, claimed Shakir.

Besides the released numbers, the album will also feature Jibon jerokom, Shuprobhat, and Jantramanob.

The singer-composer further explained that, Jantramanob is the complete state of Jantradash

Shakir is also busy with an EP which will have pop style songs.

“I am experimenting on guitar based pop-rock, added Shakir. “I hope the pop scene of Bangladesh will grow one day.

Inspirations and future plans

When he was asked which musicians or bands had influences in his career he replied: “Pink Floyd inspires me a lot."

Radiohead, Coldplay, Prince, and GnR also inspire Shakir.

“I usually don’t listen to any song if I don’t like it in the first place. My friends, and peers have influence in my music as well.

Shakir grew up listening to LRB, Miles, and Ark. “I listen to contemporary Bangladeshi bands, and other musicians as well.

When Shakir was asked if his music is influenced by the favourite musicians he told us about: 

Welcome To The Machine has great influence on my Jantradash. But I will leave that to my listeners to critique.”

The multi-talented musician wants to stay in the music industry, and collaborate with musicians in the future.

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