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Berlin Culture Festival and Carnival: Bangladeshi community in Berlin celebrates Bengali culture

The 23rd cultural carnival attracted more than a million visitors

Update : 10 Jun 2019, 09:01 PM

Bangladeshi community of Germany from across the country participated at one of the mega carnivals of Germany today, organised by the Benglisches Kultur forum in Berlin.

More than a hundred performers from Bangladesh, living in Germany participated and represented Bangladeshi culture in colourful Bangladeshi traditional wear and performed at the Berlin Culture Festival and Carnival.

Noori Jahan Khan Nury, cultural activist in Berlin told Dhaka Tribune that to represent Bangladeshi culture, the Bangladeshi community has been performing at the cultural festival for past 17 years. 

"We are far away from our motherland, but still inside our hearts the Bengali culture is enrooted,” she said. “Every year we try our best to represent our country and culture. Millions of visitors come to Berlin every year to observe the cultural parade. We have been appreciated by the visitors always." 

The 23rd cultural carnival attracted more than a million visitors. The festival takes place every year over the Pentecost weekend, and the main attraction is the big carnival parade on Sunday.

Bangladeshi visual artist Wakilur Rahman has spent 24 years in Berlin. He has been taking part in the festival from the very begging. 

"This is our pride to represent the Bangladeshi culture along with other cultures around the world,” he said. “We try our best to perform here as participants with limited resources. This festival is very important for the international community. We tried to incorporate our Embassy's support to organise the carnival. The Bangladesh embassy in Berlin didn't take part with us. If they had supported us, we could participate more aesthetically."

From around the world, 76 countries represented their culture, performing with more than four thousands performers.

It takes over six hours to see the whole parade. The parade is a huge platform for most forms of cultural expression with both traditional and modern features.

The first culture carnival was held on 16th May, 1996. This great festival of colours, music and dancing has ever since been celebrated each year during the Pentecost weekend. 

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