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Metamorphosis or frozen butterfly

You're in the right place No, no hallucination at all That was a few days ago -

Update : 05 Mar 2024, 01:27 PM

Come on time as usual; and

Love the Maple in the winter-blanket of Magh-fog.

  You're in the right place No, no hallucination at all That was a few days ago - Odysseus was in his role as well You, callous Penelope, Broke all the customs by chance. Surprisingly everything passed so quickly! Yet, the fire of Prometheus is still burning! In fact this is the essence of the shift That exists just like infinitely.   The reddish-mood hasn’t yet gone away The grooves are still so sharp Maybe it has avoided the brown-transition In the excellence-of-regret.   So many colours were playing around; Also there, the garlands of so many fabricated-words There was the right to win - Like the bravery of Arjuna or Bacchus All the unknown kingdoms along unfamiliar paths.   Too much snow-fall! Teach someone new- One-two-three-four-five-six Sequentially again A new arithmetical table.   Don't forget about the displaced maple leaves Sit for a while in depression Either I will appear in metamorphosis or  I will become a frozen butterfly That has instantly fallen and gone by.   Expand the mind Listen to the maple leaf song Empty space? Don't even think about it Suddenly new glaciers will fill it out You will get the scent of the old days.   Surroundings are all filled with droplets,                                     alluring fascinations Just think about the conversation of nature All the time alone, inside the winter palace.  

 Ashraful Kabir is a poet, essayist, & literary critic.

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