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Update : 03 Nov 2014, 08:59 PM

A bearded, long-haired man speaking with a glottal stop and wearing skinny black jeans has dared to discuss politics. His entry into that sacred domain has caused a stir. It is all too easy to dismiss Russell Brand.

The never-ending queue of commentators awaiting their turn to mock him, with left-wing experts joining the droves of right-wing voices, not one of whom has been able to resist the temptation of rising to the challenge of a kindergarten-level spelling test, is testament to the complete lack of difficulty.

Here is a celebrity with a hedonistic past – a label that is impossible to shed once earned – and no fancy Oxbridge or Ivy League education, a millionaire comedian with a propensity to court controversy, asking to be taken seriously.

He does not offer solutions to the myriad political problems, actively campaigns against voting, thereby encouraging the populace to surrender its voice, and romanticises revolution with a contrived, convoluted verbosity.

He purports to speak for the masses, but his bank balance, no doubt being inflated by the political crusade that is his current pet project, his appearance, his standing as an entertainment figure, all point to him being part of the machinery on which he has declared war.

For all his shortcomings, however, he is closer to respecting and feeling the pulse of the average citizen than the establishment, and is able to give him or her a voice outside of the Hobson’s choice presented by it. The defenestration of Russell Brand, easy as it is, conceals the fear felt by the elite in the smallest of chances that he just may be getting through with a message that refuses the spin that keeps them afloat.

This convenient witch-hunt allows the political establishment and their friendly pseudo-intellectuals, and friendlier entrepreneurs, to preserve the status quo. The fact is that, whether it is the US, the UK, India, or Bangladesh, citizens are being oppressed by a ruling class intent on never relinquishing its monopoly on power.

The self-perpetuating system, heavily funded and championed by half-truths and outright lies, is not benefitting the common man. The myth of individualism leading to the attainment of collective and personal capitalist utopias leaves him broken, counting failures and berating himself while the elites congratulate themselves on soaring higher and tightening the noose evermore on him.

In these desperate times, the only hope – that cruel thing that is fated to birth more of its kind even when it is fading – he has is to think differently. He needs to reject the existing structure because it has rejected him.

A revolution of thought is the need of the hour, eventually fuelling the realisation of the dramatic changes necessary to salvage the heart and soul of nations and their peoples with revolutionary ideas being implemented rather than being discussed in hushed tones and ridiculed if spoken out loud.

Every day that passes without an altruistic populace thinking for itself, free from the shackles of thought control, takes the world closer to an absolute victory for the establishment. That creature has risen from its residence in the depths of hell, manipulating and adulterating the laws of gods, men, and nature to keep possession of the crown of thorns that allows it to rule supreme over mortals. It will never serve the common man or his land, and it is time he came out of his self-inflicted petrification and made a full recovery.

Russell Brand is not a messiah, but he is someone who is taking a stand against the false prophets who populate the upper echelons of the world’s society. His advocacy against voting is in support of the common man, an argument in favour of him having a real voice that counts for more than choosing who to be ruled by.

In all walks of life, criminals are punished to prevent them from continuing to adversely affect society. The exception to this universal rule lies in the sphere of governance, where the elites are given carte blanche to dictate terms to their benefit, and trusted to keep committing heinous crimes against humanity that the masses are unable to influence.

The common man needs to stop wallowing in self-pity in order to prevent his present and future miseries. He needs to shake off the catalepsy and seize the day. The current state of affairs has been tried for decades, only to prove that it does nothing for the common man. It is up to him to think differently, to try something else, to revolutionise the system, for his sake. 

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