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Neymarketing: The infallible global brand from Brazil

What factors stand behind such a global, infallible marketing concept associated with Neymar?

Update : 18 Sep 2023, 09:33 AM

Whenever we hear about Neymar, instinctively, we think of a young man having unmatched dribbling skills, eccentric hair-style, acceleration, and speed. In fact, the Brazilian international and the former Barcelona and PSG forward has already turned his name into a buzzword. Neymar has already earned his place beside Pele in the list of “Most Brazil Goals of All-time” and has brought himself in the part of a generation of Brazilian players where Ronaldo, Romario, Zico and others exist. In addition to this, he is one of the most talked about topics in global advertising and marketing, too. 


Initially, his supreme demand in marketing started in his home country Brazil. And later, it spread out extensively in Europe and other parts of the world as well, especially, when the entire world learned about his joining FC Barcelona back in 2013. And the rest is history. Every company wants to be a part of the biggest competition in the world. The Brazilian businesses got the comparative advantage of promoting their products through the young sensation Neymar. Brazil is a country of over 200 million people. So, for obvious reasons, there exists a big market of cellular-phones, banks, perfumes, drinks, pharmaceuticals, sportswear, carmakers, etc. Neymar promoted a diverse category of his native products. In Brazil, it’s almost impossible to turn the TV on and not encounter him. The journey was not only confined to this. Rather Neymar is the world's most branded footballer with 35 endorsement deals including NIKE, Air Jordan, Qatar National Bank, Red Bull, McDonald’s and so on. His principal sponsor is American sportswear giant NIKE, with whom he had a contract until 2022 and an option to continue until 2024. 


Neymar is the most expensive player in football history following his transfer from Paris Saint-Germain to Al-Hilal in 2023, with the total outlay spent on him throughout his career at €400 million.








Aug 15, 2023



€90.00 Million


Aug 3, 2017

FC Barcelona


€222.00 Million


Jul 1, 2013


FC Barcelona


Total Transfer Fee of Neymar Jr



Apart from his yearly salary of €150 million per year, this Brazilian talent will receive some more extraordinary benefits from his new club Al Hilal including a huge mansion with staffs, a private plane for his personal move, €80,000 for every Al Hilal win, €5,00,000 for every post or story he posts on his social media that promotes Saudi Arabia and others as well. 


What factors stand behind such a global, infallible marketing concept which is associated with Neymar? Or, why are marketers and advertisers so interested in him? “Neymar represents everything an advertiser wants in a guy who is representing their brand,” said Alex Bellos, author of Futebol: The Brazilian Way of Life.


In fact, the marketability of Neymar is partly because of his football ability but mostly because of his personal attributes beyond the pitch. Neymar’s story is very much similar to other Brazil legends including Pele, Ronaldo, or Ronaldinho who hailed from the middle-class strata of the Brazilian social stratification; who eventually earned stardom globally by their talents, skills. With his playing tricks, Neymar is essentially an aerial dribbler and a fear for the opponents.


Utilizing his strong appeal over brands, world famous sportswear brand NIKE made a special pair of shoes named Nike Hypervenom Phantom FG Gold for Neymar during the Brazil-World Cup Football of 2014. Nike rationalized that they made this special shoe for him because Neymar is more special than all other athletes. 


Brand managers entrust that Neymar has always some appealing story to share with his fan-followers, and he possesses charm inside and out of the pitch, holds the skills to create and assist in goals, and cope with the media simultaneously. So, brand managers are always in search of finding some white spaces in their brands with Neymar. And all of these have made Neymar Jr a global brand indeed. 

Shahreen Sonia is Assistant Professor, School of Business & Economics, Presidency University.

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