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Achieving my DU dream

Update : 28 May 2013, 03:46 AM

What was just a dream has finally been achieved. The idea of getting into Dhaka University has finally come to fruition. The nightmares of not being able to make it have been killed and now everything is just fine.

After finishing my A-levels, it was as if I were in an ocean of confusion and emptiness. All I had was this indomitable urge to study at the finest institution of the country, the University of Dhaka (DU), but I had no idea where to start; no idea what they ask in the admission test no idea how to study for it.

There are a lot of places one could go prepare for DU’s admission process, but none catered to English medium students. I did my groundwork and met an English medium student who was studying at DU’s Finance department. He gave me new hope and recommended a specific coaching centre that actually does cater to the small number of English medium students who apply to DU’s programs.

The admission process was somewhat complicated but the centre clarified the process. I learnt to adapt my strategy and approach, and found that DU admission isn’t impossible for someone from my background.

As the test drew nearer, and the need for more practice tests grew I found that preparation materials were biased against students like me. When I searched for question papers in Nilkhet the shopkeepers would tell me: “The number of the English medium students applying for Dhaka University was insignificant. Thus printing such question papers is a loss.” Luckily, I found that some coaching centres already undertook the task of translating practice tests for students like me.

The exams were done and the results out. And guess what? I got in! I guess you can imagine my euphoria; words cannot express what I felt. After the extremely hectic and lengthy admission process, I can now proudly say that I am a student of the department of economics at the University of Dhaka.

The DU experience is amazing. The joy of being a student can only truly be realised on a beautiful and large campus like DU, where creativity floats in the air and spirit of freedom is evident everywhere. I have seen that English Medium students are reluctant to apply. Whether it’s the difficulty of the test or something else, is a mystery to me. But whatever it is, I am sure that one will find it to be much better when one actually gets to study in DU. It is a great opportunity and it’s not impossible to get in.

It’s a different challenge for English medium students, but not a very difficult one. The number of English medium students getting into DU is increasing but it is still very low for my liking, and it’s something that I want to change.

Thus, I urge all English medium students to stay in Bangladesh and serve the country, and try their best to join DU. I promise, once you get in, your life will change forever.


Mustahsin-ul-Aziz is a freelance contributor.

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