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Dhaka Tribune

How many deaths will it take till we know?

Update : 28 Apr 2013, 07:31 AM

Nazia Tariq Rahman

This building had several stores, a Brac bank branch and had customers coming in daily for various purposes. The owner of the building is surely to blame, for having a huge structure built cheaply. But the bigger question is WHICH company built this? How do building companies get the approval of going ahead with construction without having proper quality checks? HOW do these companies even get their license?

Why do WE time and time again vote for a government that does NOTHING to ensure the safety of the people of the nation they swear to protect and nurture?

What's even sadder is our government has made absolutely no investment in purchasing rescue gears/transport or any of that sort. That tells me very clearly that the government NEVER ever thought of the safety of the people even once.

So what are they doing with the tax money? Buying homes all over the world, expensive cars, and raising crass children. Fank you GOB, Fank you very much!

Bassema Karaki

“We live in a country where life is cheap and too many people simply do not value the life of anyone except their own kith and kin.” I have to take this statement one step further by saying that, from what I’ve seen, people here do not even value their own lives, let alone that of their kith and kin!

Nobody is more protective than a mother of her newborn. Yet, in Bangladesh, I’ve come in contact with many mothers who toss their babies around and could care less what happens to them. These same women do not think twice about taking abortion pills to kill their fetuses. My own housemaid almost died taking such pills after it was made clear to her the risks associated with the medicine. She openly acknowledges that she would not hesitate to take them again if necessary.

I’ve met countless reckless drivers who put their own and others’ lives in danger. When asked why they do so, they proudly boast that they “gamble” with their lives. I’ve questioned innumerable pedestrians as to why they cross roads recklessly when there is a safer alternative, and they simply reply that they’d rather take the risk of crossing a busy road than go to the trouble of using an overpass.

Is this widespread reckless behavior really due to lack of education, or is devaluating life ingrained in Bangladeshi culture?

The recent tragedy of the garment workers was definitely not an accident, and no one involved in the construction or control of the building can sign it off as one. The people responsible for the death and suffering of these civilians must answer for their crimes, but the question remains: why did the garment workers enter a building that was clearly falling apart? If their employers belittle their value, must they do the same? If Bangladeshis do not value their own lives, then who will?



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