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Dhaka Tribune

2,376 rescued, 310 bodies recovered

Update : 28 Apr 2013, 07:09 AM



“Twice the country changed hands, but this society of divisive enmity didn’t change. The politics of change never found its footing here.

That is why I am not in favour of cheap humanistic protestations. The first duty is to change this slave economy into an economic system of production and equitable distribution. In order to keep the garments sector afloat and to make it self-sustaining there is no way but to change our industrial laws, labour laws, pay-scales and the justice system. The plunderers will go back to their countries after they are done plundering; but for those of us who’ll stay here it is for our sake that we need to start working to save our industries and our people.”

Naeem Mohaiemen



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