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Every child should be able to go to school

Bangladesh’s future depends on its future generations
Update : 23 May 2024, 11:26 AM

We applaud the government's decision to extend free primary school education up to grade eight, in line with the National Education Policy of 2010. With Bangladesh’s ambitious economic goals over the next two decades, it is more important than ever to ensure quality education and prevent school dropouts.

With that said, it is absolutely vital that this extension of free schooling, which used to be up to grade five previously, sees the light of day; such a decision was made back in 2016 but was not implemented; this is a failure on the part of our authorities concerned and we hope that lessons have been learned from that experience to ensure that there are no such issues this time.

In addition, the National Student Assessment 2022 report by the Directorate of Primary Education and UNICEF has expressed concern over the deep stagnation in the country's primary education system. While ensuring free education upto grade eight is certainly the right move, what is equally if not more important is to recognize the deep-rooted issues that plague our primary education system and leaving no stone unturned in order to address and rectify them.

Bangladesh’s future depends on its future generations, and this future generation in turn will depend on their schooling to become the sort of citizens that will lead a prosperous and smart Bangladesh. Primary schooling is the foundation upon which all of that is made possible so we hope that it is treated with the seriousness it deserves. Free schooling is smart, quality education is even smarter.
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