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What’s the delay?

We need projects to be completed on time

Update : 19 May 2024, 01:53 AM

One of the cornerstones of a truly developed economy is seamless connectivity, which can only be facilitated by a reliable and efficient infrastructure. While Bangladesh has recently seen some major success in this regard with projects, for every Padma Bridge there is a Bhairab Bridge -- a project which has been in the offing for three years now with only 13% of it being completed thus far.

Delays and set-backs for incredibly unnecessary factors is, unfortunately, endemic in our administrative endeavours, but it is inexcusable for that culture to literally keep our nation’s progress halted.

Infrastructure development projects such as bridges are incredibly important for Bangladesh as they can often act as a catalyst for spreading economic progress, given just how imperative it is for the people of Khulna to see Bhairab Bridge be completed in a reasonable amount of time, it is nothing short of baffling that, despite two extensions on its deadline, the project is still not even a quarter of the way there.

In the past few years, the government has bet on a number of ambitious projects which seek to improve our nation’s connectivity, given the sheer amount of money being pumped into these projects we cannot afford them falling prey to endless delays and bureaucratic setbacks. From contractor negligence to back-and-forths regarding the allocated land, the laundry list of issues and excuses surrounding the Bhairab Bridge seems near limitless.

This cannot be the default for us.

Bangladesh is at a critical juncture in its economic trajectory. Yes, progress is inevitable, but as things stand we are still undergoing a historic inflation that seems insurmountable, for these mega projects to keep acting as money sinks does the economy no favours whatsoever.

We need projects to be completed on time, and our planning administration needs to make sure they are on track.
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