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Remaining on the right track

Bringing about change starts with recognizing the railway's importance

Update : 16 May 2024, 03:36 AM
Efficient rail connectivity is a cornerstone of any functional nation. This is especially true for one with our aspirations, looking to take the next logical step in its development journey.
However, for our railway to be one that serves the nation, both in carrying people and goods, we must treat it with the care that it warrants. Derailments and accidents have become more common in recent years, and it is imperative that we reverse this trend immediately.
To that end, it is disappointing to learn that, as per sources from Bangladesh Railway itself, approximately 63% of rail accidents are due to deteriorating lines and weak bridges. This lack of maintenance, which has been caused primarily by overall neglect, has left our rail infrastructure in a shaky state.
The numbers here are telling: In the past five years, more than 2,000 accidents have occurred, leaving more than 150 passengers dead, and around 500 injured. In the last four months alone, there have been 160 railway accidents and incidents of sabotage across the country. In these incidents, 18 passengers have died, and 200 have been injured.
Bringing about change starts with recognizing the railway's importance, for the present and especially our future, and making the appropriate investments to upgrade it and have it be fit for a nation in the 21st century. It is also important to make smarter investments rather than eye-catching ones; spending well therefore on maintenance goes a long way to ensuring we do not need to make costly replacements.
For Bangladesh to reach its full potential as a nation our railway connectivity will play a major role. Let's ensure we remain on track, and treat the railway with the respect it deserves.
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