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Remaining prepared for the future

It is imperative that we prioritize the ramping up of ICT training
Update : 18 Apr 2024, 01:05 AM

The establishment of the Joy Smart Service and Employment Training Centre, where the youth of Bangladesh are expected to be trained in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the sort of forward-thinking initiative that we ought to expect from Bangladesh. 

The scope of the ambition is also impressive; with the intention of establishing a total of 555 such centres, it will be possible to train more than 250,000 students annually and create employment opportunities for them.

Mastering ICT has long been an ambition for the country ever since employing the desire to become a “Digital Bangladesh” over a decade and a half ago; with how rapidly the world is changing as a result of technology, this upskilling in ICT skills is no longer just a choice but a necessity for the future of this country. 

As we set our sights on achieving our desired economic ambitions, it is imperative that we prioritize the ramping up of ICT training to propel our nation forward more than ever before.

Bangladesh’s greatest asset remains our people, yet the reality is that many of our workers lack the skills demanded by today’s digital age, which has relegated Bangladesh to, despite its stellar progress, being thought of as a destination primarily for low skill workers. 

This is a narrative that we must continue to challenge; it is time to invest heavily in upskilling our workforce, ensuring they are equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern job market. By providing comprehensive ICT training, we can empower our citizens to take on the challenges of tomorrow with confidence and competence.

Bangladesh has set ambitious goals for its economic development, aiming to become a prosperous and developed nation by 2041. To achieve this, merely embracing digital transformation as a cornerstone of our strategy is not sufficient. It is time to build a truly digital workforce that is capable of driving innovation and productivity across all sectors and lead Bangladesh to achieving its goals.

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