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Tearing down the kilns brick by brick

Bangladeshis have long suffered from the industrial hellholes that are brick-fields

Update : 17 Mar 2024, 02:27 PM
This is what we’ve been talking about.

According  to a Daily Star report, 209 brick kilns have been shut by March 10, with legal action being taken against 458 more. This is an incredibly rare move on the part of the administration when it comes to reversing the environmental damage caused by polluting establishments, and indeed is a rare success in its overall efforts to improve the quality of the capital’s air.

Bangladeshis have long suffered from the industrial hellholes that are brick-fields, as they completely blacken the air and make it practically inhospitable for life -- these establishments have long stood their ground time after time even after numerous laws have been passed to regulate them. With this recent move by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, it seems like there’s finally a way out.

Brick kilns have long been a blight on Dhaka citizens, and while their part in air pollution has been most apparent during the months of winter, it doesn't mean that they don't contribute to harming the environment all year around. What's worse is most of these structures are illegal but owned by powerful people with the right connections.

There is now accessible, affordable technology in the market that can supply greener alternatives to the traditional brick, and with proper implementation of this technology, we can phase out brick kilns completely in a matter of years. The ministry of environment’s commitment to using only blocks in government construction is an encouraging development that can incentivize businessmen to move to brick kilns even faster.

It is incredibly unfortunate that despite all the progress the nation has made none of it has even remotely been reflected on the very fundamentals of what makes for a good quality of life, air being the most apparent. Getting rid of brick-fields would go a long way to help us all breathe just a bit better.
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