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Elevating our education

What is also unquestionable is the need for changes sooner rather than later

Update : 09 Feb 2024, 10:04 AM

President Mohammed Shahabuddin’s words asking university authorities concerned to implement world-standard higher education is a timely reminder that when it comes to our education, we still have a long way to go.

At the core of this change has to be the emphasis on research activities to make the country’s higher education meaningful; while this is a point that has been spoken of time and time again, unfortunately, we are yet to see any tangible change to indicate that we are indeed making significant progress in this regard.

Indeed, our overall education  has been crying for change for too long now; as a nation aspiring for its biggest transformation over this decade and the next, it is imperative that the education it boasts is also adjusted to ensure that its students learn the skills and abilities required to remain relevant in the international arena.

In this regard, we also need to be patient while simultaneously efficient. Change doesn't happen overnight, and if Bangladesh indeed overhauls its education practices, it will take time for changes to yield results.

With that in mind, what is also unquestionable is the need for changes sooner rather than later; if the overall health of our education is to be a reflection of our ambitions, then it must be at the very top of the authorities’ priority list.

The Covid years brought about new realizations and learning; while we understood the power of technology to educate the masses, it simultaneously showcased the harsh reality of digital divide, where the marginalized population of the country were further deprived.

If Bangladesh is serious about being a prosperous and equitable nation, then its education must catch up - not only by emphasizing research, but emphasizing equitable education and eliminating digital divide. After all, every Bangladeshi has the right to an education and a role in shaping this country’s future. 

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