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South Korea can become the next expat destination

Exploring opportunities for our migrant workers in other countries is imperative

Update : 11 Nov 2022, 12:28 AM

Bangladesh has shared an amicable relationship with South Korea for years, and the relationship has only been growing stronger in recent times, owing to the willingness of both nations to cooperate on a number of fields.

It is especially encouraging to see a rise in the number of Bangladeshi workers leaving for South Korea through the country's Employment Permit System (EPS) process. The largest number of Bangladesh expatriate workers to leave for South Korea in a single day was recorded on Tuesday, at 248. 

While the total number of Bangladeshi workers to have left for Korea stood at 3,986 at the beginning of November, it is estimated to increase to as much as 5,200 this year -- the highest number of Bangladeshi workers to be recruited under the EPS since its inception in 2008.

These are very promising numbers, and are testament to the prospective mutual benefits that our friendship with South Korea has to offer.

In light of the increasing demand for migrant workers and subsequent employment opportunities in the country, we would do well to take measures to upskill more of our workers in order to have a more qualified expat worker base. Meanwhile, we must also ensure that the appropriate policies are in place in Korea, so the safety and well-being of our workers are ensured.

The export of skilled labour has been a strong pillar in the establishment of our bilateral ties with South Korea, and can continue to be so with the right approach from both parties involved.

But we mustn't stop here; exploring opportunities for our migrant workers in other countries is imperative -- not only for our economy, but also to create stronger foreign allies in an increasingly interconnected world.

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