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No other option

A Rohingya man was shot dead

Update : 03 Aug 2022, 07:34 PM

It is nothing short of disappointing that, five years on, the whole world has collectively failed the Rohingya refugees in finding their way back home.

Were it not for the magnanimity of the Bangladeshi people and government in offering the persecuted Rohingya the shelter they needed, one wonders what fate would have befallen them.

Myanmar’s Rohingya minorities have gone through their government’s unabashed attempts at genocide only to find themselves scratching out a living in numerous makeshift camps here in Bangladesh. With little in the way of aid and support from the international community, the responsibility of taking care of the refugees has fallen squarely on our administration.

But the situation now has become untenable, with many of the Rohingya refugees finding themselves resorting to various criminal activities, including the drug trade, kidnappings, smuggling, and even contract killings -- a Rohingya man was even shot dead during a shootout between two groups at the Balukhali camp in Ukhiya.

We must make it abundantly clear: The Rohingya are not the ones at fault here.

History has proven time and again that when an entire ethnic group is marginalized to the point of no return, the only way for them to eke out a living is to resort to crime. The trigger was pulled as soon as Myanmar’s military junta decided to wage their ethnic cleaning operations on the Rohingya to clear out the Rakhine state.

As the International Court of Justice is finally set to make a ruling on Myanmar’s objections to their genocide, now is the time for the international community to finally step in and put actual pressure on Myanmar to safely repatriate the Rohingya back to their homeland.

There is literally no other option.

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