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Grants and subsidies for women entrepreneurs would help

Update : 27 Mar 2022, 12:22 PM

It is an unfortunate reality that Bangladesh is still greatly lagging behind in ensuring gender equality. For much of our history, the contribution of women has been downplayed while their potential has remained unfulfilled. 

While women’s participation in the economy has improved greatly in the last decade, the fact of the matter is that more needs to be done in the here and now -- and one of the ways that can be achieved is through empowering women in their own entrepreneurial efforts. 

To that end, it is good to know that this need is indeed recognized and championed by stakeholders and our civil society, with the most recent call to action being made by CPD, who have stressed that that women entrepreneurs need to receive more grants from the government and the authorities must ensure equal disbursement between male and female-owned businesses. 

It behooves mentioning that the current administration had made massive pledges just before the 11th general elections and yet very little of those words have translated into meaningful changes. 

If we have seen one thing about Bangladesh’s recent exponential growth, it is that young, talented entrepreneurs who embrace the future are the ones who will take us forward, but these entrepreneurs are also predominantly male. We need to investigate exactly what the roadblocks are that are keeping women from reaching that same potential and remove them. 

More grants and subsidies for women entrepreneurs would definitely help to that end. 

Gender equality is incontrovertibly one of the key signifiers of any given nation’s overall state of progress, and while the progress that Bangladesh has made in that front is worth noting, it is not enough. 


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