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ED: Good for agriculture, good for RMG, good for the environment

The use of good quality, biodegradable textiles can also accelerate eco-friendly agricultural production and practices

Update : 30 Jun 2021, 09:09 AM

Despite the steady and undeniable economic progress made over the years, Bangladesh remains largely an agriculture-driven economy, with 60% of the population directly or indirectly associated with the agriculture sector. In a similar vein, the RMG industry has emerged as the principal export sector for Bangladesh, accounting for well over three-fourths of all its export earnings.

Therefore, any idea that would allow both sectors to simultaneously reap benefits is more than welcome, and this is exactly what has been suggested by certain experts, who call for the textile industry to meet the growing demands for woven, non-woven, and knitted fabrics in the agriculture sector through “agro-textiles” -- thereby expanding its footprint into the domestic market.

Moreover, the use of good quality, biodegradable textiles can also accelerate eco-friendly agricultural production and practices, and benefit the country greatly in the long run, as we look to transition to more environmentally-friendly practices across all our sectors.

However, now with the idea proposed, it is time to get to work and actually implement it. As has been noted, farmers remain unaware of the usage of agro-textile products, and as a result, the market remains too small for textile owners to consider further expansion and investment.

This is where the relevant stakeholders and authorities concerned must step in, firstly, to create awareness programs amidst farmers and the agriculture sector in general, and secondly, to also encourage the textile industry to expand its production, so as to have these products priced at a level that becomes feasible for most farmers.

Ideas such as this should be welcomed, as they show a pro-active approach and thinking beyond conventional roles, encouraging a functional, symbiotic relationship between two crucial sectors in the country -- a relationship that could not only yield mutual benefits for both sectors, but as a result, benefit the entirety of Bangladesh.

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