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ED: Have we learned our lesson?

We need to look at this problem with fresh eyes and revamp our efforts to fight the virus

Update : 06 Aug 2020, 07:36 PM

Despite having lived through the pandemic for the last four months or so, and having observed other nations battle the spread of this disease in similar fashion, there is little to suggest that we have gotten better at ensuring that Covid-19 does not bring our nation completely to our knees.

This is evidenced by the fact that Bangladesh is set to overtake Italy in terms of number of confirmed cases next week, despite having had more time to prepare for the arrival of Covid-19.

This number by itself, however, is not a good measure for how much the disease has spread or affected a nation; but keeping that in mind, we must now take stock of where we are as a nation right now, and move forward taking the necessary steps required to ensure that the situation does not get any worse.

Oftentimes, our thinking has been taken over by economic considerations over the health of the nation, which has hurt us badly; additionally, corruption has ensured that stimulus packages have failed to reach where they are supposed to; not to mention the overall lack of social distancing practiced by many public places to stem the spread of the virus.

Worst of all, though, has been our testing rate, which has continued to remain way below par, worsened by our decision to charge for them.  

We need to look at this problem with fresh eyes and revamp our efforts to fight the virus. We must see this as the new normal we must embrace in order to move forward as, until a cure is found or a vaccine is invented, we must work towards ensuring that we the people of Bangladesh are safe and continue to prosper under these circumstances.  

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