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Terror has no nation

Update : 02 Apr 2017, 08:13 PM

As Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has rightfully said, our democratic heritage is something that each and every one of us is proud of.

But there are those who seek to destroy our great history of democracy, secularism, and co-existence, through violence and extremist ideologies.

Which is why the PM’s call to the international community to fight militancy together is one that each one of us can get behind.

Recent attacks on our own soil hint at how religious extremism has become a very real threat in Bangladesh, with much concern regarding the advent of suicide bombings as a method of attack.

And, though the brave souls in our Army, in conjunction with our law enforcement, have done a stellar job in Sylhet in ensuring life was preserved and that damage was minimal, it is important that, in the future, incidents such as these are not allowed to take place to begin with.

With last year’s incidents having proven to us that terrorism knows no nationality, it is now more important than ever that the world stands united in this fight to eliminate the threat of terror.

What the world needs to realise is that terrorism and radicalisation do not come through immigration, but are much more nuanced as problems. Rooting them out requires understanding and research. To that end, walling off people en masse is not the answer.

Such efforts would require partnerships with countries near and far, and trying to understand that terrorism cannot be fought by simply eliminating the terrorists, but nurturing a society and culture which doesn’t allow terror to flourish.

Bangladesh -- and the world -- has made much progress, and we cannot let extremist beliefs ruin the world’s charted course towards tolerance and peace.

Let’s follow the prime minister’s words and push back against terrorism together.

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