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What our roads should look like

This speaks volumes about the state of the administration in major cities

Update : 04 Dec 2023, 09:17 AM

Time and again, our transportation authorities have failed to reduce the number of fatalities on our roads.

But at this moment, we are witnessing something unprecedented in the history of our transport and infrastructure: Our roads are starting to function in a proper and efficient manner.

Rickshaws and two-wheelers running in a single file, cars being checked for proper documentation -- this is what we have always envisioned our roads would look like.

And the credit for this goes to all the students out there protesting the crumbling state of our roads and highways, which have taken an inordinate number of lives in just the last few years.

This speaks volumes about the state of the administration in major cities.

Ensuring public safety and maintaining order on the roads and highways are fundamental responsibilities of any government, and while there are various departments throughout our city municipalities which are supposed to check the fitness of any vehicle plying the roads, and that motorists have the proper documentation such as drivers’ licenses and route permits, the relentless traffic and the constant state of disrepair our roads are always in are enough to indicate that they have failed at their jobs miserably.

We have always championed a Dhaka city that would operate in its optimum capacity -- making the case for the metro rail and other infrastructural developments -- but these students have shown us that our roads can work properly in the here and now.

It is deeply tragic that it took the loss of two more lives for us to realize that.



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