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A step towards gender equality

The new budget aims to tap into the potential of Bangladeshi women

Update : 09 Jun 2018, 12:09 PM

This year’s budget has placed significant emphasis on women’s development, allocating Tk1.38 trillion for that purpose -- the highest it has ever been in Bangladesh’s history.

 Such initiatives which promote gender equity within Bangladesh’s economic eco-system are crucial to sustainable progress in the future.

A culture of sexism and misogyny, coupled with systemic discrimination, has effectively removed women not only from positions of power, but also from the workforce. Such a state of affairs ensured that women remain dependent, and also greatly harmed us as a nation, both morally and economically.

The new budget promises to contribute towards women’s access to education, health, the labour market, and social protection -- crucial elements to ensuring that women in Bangladesh feel secure, protected, and empowered.

Bangladesh has come a long way since the first ever gender budget was proposed -- valued at a mere Tk272.48bn in FY2009-10.

Now, we have 43 separate ministries involved, working towards building a country that treats each and every one of its citizens equally and with dignity.

And there is no doubt that women, for the longest time, have been harassed, discriminated against, and treated poorly overall.

All that has to change, and the new budget is one step among a long list of steps towards ensuring that becomes a reality.

The women of this country play a significant role in upholding its values and contributing to the economy.

The new budget aims to tap into the potential of Bangladeshi women -- there are few things more important for a country like Bangladesh to do to move ahead.

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