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What can Tk500 get you around the world?

If you plan on travelling on a skimpy wallet, it is good to have an idea of how the Bangladeshi Taka is perceived in other countries. For starters, how much is Tk500 actually worth when you are travelling

Update : 29 Jun 2018, 05:00 PM

Managing money is always hard, even harder when you are travelling. But a little bit of financial foresight can help you make the most of what money you have when travelling abroad. 

There are more or less 180 currencies in the world. The value of the Bangladeshi currency is very low compared to a vast range of currencies out there. However, the Taka is stronger than several currencies in the world. So if you know where your money is treated like the USD in BD, you are set to win. 

Tourists in Cambodia | AFPCambodia

Cambodia is one of the Southeast Asian nations where Bangladeshis can feel rich. One Taka is equal to 47.82 Cambodian Riel. If you are a backpacker or low on cash, Cambodia is one of the perfect places for you to travel. 

Alcohol and tobacco are pretty inexpensive there. Imported 0.33 liter bottle costs Tk127.22 ($1.52), while 20 packs Marlboro cigarettes cost Tk125.55 ($1.50).

Public transportation could be little higher but it would get you to places. In Cambodia one-way ticket for local transportation is Tk160 ($2). 

If you are travelling with friends or family, you can dine at an affordable restaurant for TK251. Cambodian street food is very inexpensive as well. Meals in local eateries are economical and perfect for travellers as well.  

Tourists attractions are little pricey and TK500 can get you inside the War Museum. 

Street food in Vietnam | AFP


Vietnam is little costly compared to Bangladesh, yet with Tk500, one can buy a few things there specially in Ho Chi Minh City. One Taka is equals to 269.85 VND.

In Vietnam two persons can dine in with Tk200 at a mid range restaurant. Domestic beer is Tk250 ($2.94). Water (0.33 litre bottle) is Tk14.79 ($.17) while soft drinks cost Tk26.43 ($0.31).

Vietnam offers a range of different kinds of entertainment and attractions at low price. Karaoke and Billiards cost there Tk202 and Tk185 ($2.4 to $2.2) respectively.

You can get mud baths for Tk109 ($1.3).


Bhutan is a major tourist destination. Every year, thousands of Bangladeshis visit the country. One Taka equals to 1.23 Bhutanese Ngultrum (BTN).  

Beer can cost anywhere between Tk86 and Tk148. You can get a guide with driver for 10 to 15 days for around Tk350-390.  

A local market in Nepal | AFP


Nepal is a beautiful country and offers beautiful landscapes for the tourists. Kathmandu, Nepal's capital is set in a valley surrounded by the Himalayas. One Nepalese Rupee is equal to TK0.77. 

In Nepal, you can buy one- way local public transportation tickets with Tk30 ($0.35). Tennis court rents on weekend at Tk150 per hour.

Food in Nepal is pretty cheap as well. Garlic soup costs Tk80 or $1. Foods like momos, noodles and other local items cost around Tk80 to 90 ($1).  You can get pizza with Tk321 ($3.88).  

You can get services like hot shower, internet, satellite phone etc with TK500. You have to spend a little more than 500 for tourists’ attractions in Nepal.   

Seoul |AFP

South Korea

If you are tight on budget and plan of visiting South Korea, probably it is not a good idea. The East Asian country is slightly high-priced for us. One Taka equals KRW13.23. 

You have to spend more than Tk500 to dine in at an inexpensive restaurant in South Korea. Combo meals at McDonald’s cost around Tk452 ($5.32$) while regular cappuccino is Tk338 taka ($3.98). You can get small snacks like chips, or a Snickers bar in local supermarkets worth Tk80 ($1). 

You can pay a visit to the TV tower of Busan with Tk397 ($4.7). However there is no entry fee for museums like The National Folklore Museum of Korea, History Museum in Seoul, and War Memorial of Korea. 

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