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Apple is working on their most powerful chip, the M3 Max, but when will it be released?

The M3 Max will reportedly feature a 16-core CPU and 40-core GPU, the former of which will feature 12 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores

Update : 10 Aug 2023, 04:41 PM

Apple is already testing the high-end variant of its upcoming M3 chip: the M3 Max, which will feature in high-end Mac products like the next-gen MacBook Pro.

As reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple leaker extraordinaire, a third-party Mac developer found references to the chip in Apple’s test logs.

The M3 Max will reportedly feature a 16-core CPU and 40-core GPU, the former of which will feature 12 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores.

It’s a significant step up in CPU terms from the previous M2 Max chip, which offered 8 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores.

The GPU only gains two cores over its M2 predecessor, but it’s unlikely that’ll be a sticking point for users; Apple’s silicon already offers impressive graphical capabilities for creative workloads.

The new chip will supposedly be manufactured on a new 3nm process, which should offer both performance and power-efficiency advantages over TSMC’s 5nm process, which was used for the M2 series of chips.

The latest and greatest MacBook?

Although we don’t have exact details of the device in which Apple is allegedly testing the M3 Max, it’s apparently an unreleased MacBook model codenamed ‘J514’.

This aligns with a previous leak detailing a 14-inch MacBook Pro with the same codename.

Interestingly, the leak shows that the J514 machine uses 48GB of RAM, though the current-gen MacBook Pro can carry up to 96GB, so it’s likely this test machine isn’t the most high-end configuration that will be available.

Although Gurman has previously claimed we’ll see M3 devices this year, one wouldn’t expect this model to be part of the initial lineup; chances are you will first see Mac products bearing the standard M3 chip, most probably a new MacBook Air, before the M3 Pro and M3 Max chips arrive.

Naturally, we can expect an M3 Ultra (which is likely to essentially be two M3 Max chips sandwiched together to make one ultimate frankenprocessor) to arrive in professional-grade Mac products later in 2024.

Apple’s MacBook Pro line has long cemented itself as worthy of standing among the best laptops - and M3 promises to be faster and more powerful than anything before it. For many -- M2 was impressive but not quite the generational leap we’d have liked to see.

The M3 Max is the cutting edge of Apple’s proprietary chip design, Apple Silicon, and could be a catalyst to lure consumers back to the Mac series, which has been struggling lately. Apple’s PC sales are expected to drop by double digits in the third quarter, and the company hopes the improved performance will again encourage users to buy the latest models.

The M3 is expected to be a major selling point in these efforts. It’s the most groundbreaking processor upgrade since 2020, when Apple began switching from Intel chips to its own in Macs.

The move to M3 is likely to begin in October, targeting entry-level Macs first. The M3 Pro and M3 Max updates to the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models are likely in 2024.

Will M3 deliver? Only time can tell.

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